Lees Ferry Report
TV Show Production
August 25th, 2012
TV legend fishing and show host got together with fellow show host Jarrett Edwards to join me on Lees Ferry for a day of spin fishing. Jarrett has his own show on World Fishing Network on Dish channel 394 and some Comcast networks and Sportsman Channel called Jarrett Edwards Outdoors. Roland’s show airs on NBC Sports Channel. We had a great time catching the feisty Lees Ferry rainbows using 3″ Yamamoto grubs in green pumpkin color. Yamamoto made a special batch without salt so we could stay within the “no bait” regulation on the Ferry. Using scented or salted plastics is against the regulations and both Roland and Jarrett are sponsored by Yamamoto, thus the need for the special pour. Boy, did the fish love the grub. We fished over flats  and along steep banks with 1/8- 1/4 oz. heads. On the steeper banks, we used a 1/4 oz. marabou jig with a grub for a trailer. Jarrett rigged up with 2 pound flourocarbon and a 7 foot medium light St. Croix rod and Roland used 10 pound braid with a 4 pound flouro leader on the same rod. Jarrett’s wife Rebecca is the consummate pro on the camera and gets all the good shots. This was my second show with Jarrett. We shot a fly fishing show on the Ferry Labor Day 2010 at 8000 CFS and spanked ’em. Jarrett’s show will air during his 5th season, which starts on WFN 9/7/12. UPDATE: this show was on-air starting 10/19 and is rerunning now.

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