Lees Ferry Report
Personal Trip
October 20, 2012
My good buddy Doug Buck from my hometown of Tucson brought his wife, son and father-in-law up to enjoy the day at the Ferry with me. I have known Doug for 20 years and is one of my fly tying inspirations. We were both members of the Tucson Fly Fishing Club and the Tucson chapter of Trout Unlimited. Doug guided at the San Juan River in NW New Mexico for many years and has many excellent tiny patterns required there. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him and it was great to catch up and fish together. Doug spent the day helping his 8 year old son Dominick while fished alongside his Father-in -law, Charlie. At 4 mile bar, Dominick and Doug fished shallow while Charlie and I were positioned knee deep. Everyone had a great time fishing short double nymph rigs or dry/ dropper. I rigged up my trusty one weight Sage with the dry/ dropper and let Charley go to town on the riffle fish. I wasn’t sure I was getting it back he loved it so much. Charlie and I had a great time trading the 5 and one weights back and forth several times. Dom and Doug were taking many fish shallow on midge patterns and having a ball. After landing countless fish on nymphing rigs, Charley took a Wooly Bugger on a 5 foot sink tip and began to fish cross-current. Soon, he had 2 fish in the 18″ range hooked but neither was brought to hand. Smaller fish to 14 inches did come in to be admired. Just before lunch, we moved upriver to a small spot to see if there were any fish on this little flat that is often good to sight fish with shallow rigs. The flat wasn’t loaded with rainbows, but there were enough to make it worthwhile. Dom and Charlie had a double header. After a short time there, we left to see Glen Canyon Dam and fish one more spot. It was great to have Doug and his family visit me at the Ferry.

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