Lees Ferry Report
Personal Trip
October 14, 2012
Another stellar day at the Ferry. The constant 8000 CFS is still in effect and thousands of fish are up shallow on every bar. I used a double nymph/ indicator set up on the first spot of the day and did very well but didn’t have but 2 fish in the 14 inch range. I probably landed  over 15 fish here. I motored upriver 3 more miles and pulled in just as Natalie Jensen from Lees Ferry Anglers was pulling out. I’ve been guiding for LFA  for over 15 years now. So I knew that these fish had been hammered on all day. The fish were still on the bite big time! I fished for a short time with the nymph rig but I was still seeking bigger fish. I rigged up a 6 weight with a 15 foot sink tip and a gray bugger. Switching to a bugger often leads to bigger fish. So true again. I started at the very top of the riffle at the point and was immediately sticking fish in the 14-15 inch range. I proceeded to cast across and swing the bugger across the current while twitching the line, stepping down stream about 6 feet every 3 casts. I didn’t keep track of how many fish I landed but it was more than the first spot. Many times I had consecutive hookups on 5 or more casts! The biggest fish of the day went 18 inches and many were 16-17. The dam will get back to fluctuating flows November 1st.

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