Lake Powell Report
Personal Trip
March 3rd, 2013
water temp 48-52
lake elevation 3601
Saturday I launched about 11 for a good spring break in cruise for the boat. Caught 1 nice LM across from Whaweap marina at the end of the day.
Sunday I ran back into Navajo Canyon. I saw 1 other boat that was having good success trolling anchovies with lead core. I tried a 40 foot shelf across from them. There were plenty of fish but I didn’t hook any pulling plugs. I left that area in favor of the dirtier water in the back of the canyon. After a few passes, I began to pick them up on Norman DD22’s, deep thunder sticks. wally divers, and Risto Raps. The DD22 was the most consistent. The biggest fish went 4.75, average was 3.5-4. The warmest water was 52.5, spring is breaking out! Wahweap was 48 degrees at 10:30

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