Lake Powell Report
Guide Trip
September 17, 2012
Excellent spoon bite. I guided my former dentist and his wife/ dental partner from Tucson plus 4 others on 9/17 off their houseboat parked in Gunsight. We found the first school 200 yards from the house boat and stayed on it for over 2 hours. They kept me busy with 5 at a time hooked up. No room in the fish cooler after about an hour.  Most of the fish in this pack were of the 1-2 year old size with several 3 pounders to keep everyone happy. This was one of the biggest striper schools I have ever been in. Then that school suddenly disapperaed. We graphed for a while to find them but they must have went the opposite way we were looking. We soon found a different school about a mile away and it was on again, this time there were many fish over 3 pounds and we released most of them because of lack of space. After an excellent meatball sandwich lunch and over an hour filleting fish, we cruised over to the west side of the pass in directly in front of Gunsight point and graphed until we found a smaller school in 50 feet and spooned some more yearlings. Another awesome day on the lake

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