A tougher than normal early spring that saw us fishing deep, heavy rigs from the boat gave way to eager and very healthy rainbows in May and June. Double rigs with midges suspended below a small indicator or a single below a dry fly accounted for most of the action.

 Spin fishing was difficult as the fish didn’t seem to want to chase lures.  July is here and our annual cicada hatch has begun.  Cicadas are clumsy in flight and often fall to the water for the fish to attack. I usually consider the fourth of July as the kick off to the cicada fishing at the Ferry. 

The best way to target trout looking for cicadas is on the drift. Casting large dry flies, with or without a beaded midge dropper at tree-lined banks or over expensive flats often elicits violent strikes. 

July flows are higher than June but there is still wadable water to cast dry/ dropper or nymph rigs. 

 Monsoon storms can pop up in the afternoons creating beautiful waterfalls throughout the canyon if we get enough rain. Tight lines everyone.   

dave-and-charlie03 dave-and-charlie02 dave-and-charlie06

After a long time off the clear blue waters of Lake Powell, I’m back! My boat engine was down for repair all spring but it’s rebuilt and ready to take clients out once again. The striper and bass fishing has been excellent this spring. My first guide trip on the lake was very successful. Dave and Charlie joined me for a full day outing and in the first 10 minutes we had a double hook up; I figured we were in for a day full of bent rods and happy anglers. We fished stripers in 3 spots and each paid off big time. This cooler photo was taken 40 minutes after starting at our first spot. We had a load of laughs and a ton of fun. The smallmouth fishing was good but all were small. The guys ended the day with 2 walleye and a couple of crappie from Navajo Canyon. It’s great being out on Lake Powell again.


Lake Powell Report
Guide Trips
April 2014
water temp 57-62
lake elevation 3574
After a very busy February and March on Lees Ferry, I am finally out on the lake again. April has produced big time for stripers. The fish are averaging 3 pounds with the usual crop of little ones mixed in and the occasional 4+ pounder hooked as well. All the trips I have guided so far have been no farther than Navajo Canyon. I have heard reports of good striper fishing in other areas but the close fishing is working so well, we have spent time fishing instead of boating to the other locales.
Lees Ferry Report
Guide Trips
July 5 & 6, 2013
2 excellent days at Lees Ferry. Don and Jamie McAdams fished on the 5th and ripped the trout on dry/ dropper. Kent and Travis did the same on the 6th. Both days we waded until lunch and then we drifted and casted cicada patterns for the rest of the day. The cicada bite is ok. Both days it was overcast after lunch and the dry fly bite was spotty but exciting nevertheless.

Lake Powell OutfittersLake Powell OutfittersLake Powell OutfittersLake Powell Outfitters

Lake Powell Report
Guide Trips
Late April- Late June
water temp 77+
lake elevation 3600
I have been very busy on the lake this spring, I just haven’t kept up with my reports. The striper fishing this year is the best the southern end of the lake has ever seen. Fly fishing for stripers with sinking lines has been excellent as well. The bass fishing has been fair to good. I haven’t spent much time bass fishing because the striper fishing has been so good. The walleye fishing this spring was very good on single tail grubs fished in shaded broken rock areas. I will get more specific reports and photos posted as time permits.
Lake Powell Report
Guide Trip
April 20-21, 2013
water temp 57-61
lake elevation 3597
Norm and his wife Theressa came to Powell from California to do some multi species fishing with me. Norm especially wanted to catch a walleye. Norm is a very experienced angler and brought his own gear. Day 1 saw excellent striper action with and without anchovies. A variety of grubs fished on a 1/4 oz head worked very well for stripers cruising  a shelf in 5-20 feet. I had Theresa on a chartreuse grub and she never changed it up because it just kept catching fish; stripers, smallies, and the first walleye in the boat from steep broken rock with shade. Later in the day, we ran into Navajo Canyon and found more stripers and a few crappie. Day 2 we fished for stripers again without anchovies and did well. I even got into the act with the fly rod before running up lake a bit to Gunsight Canyon. Gunsight fished well with smallies, largemouth and a couple more walleye. We finished the day with Theressa catching a couple more walleye on her trusty chartreuse grub and Norm finally had his on a bottom bouncer/ crawler harness rig.  
Lake Powell Report
Guide Trip
April 14th, 2013
water temp 54-59
lake elevation 3597
The Gross family, brothers Josh, Luke, Matt and Dad Mike spanked the stripers in the buoy 3 area for 2 hours before we left the main channel waves behind and ran up into Navajo Canyon. We fished for bass and walleye briefly before returning to striper fishing. A little chum and it was on again. During our “working” lunch, Josh made a cast, put the rod in the holder at the rear corner of the boat, picked up his sandwich and within a few seconds was rudely interrupted by the drag singing. A few minutes later I slipped the lip gripper into the mouth and hefted the 7.5 pounder aboard. The Navajo stripers were in good condition overall and a little stronger than the channel fish. Great time and great company.
Lees Ferry Report
Guide Trip
April 13, 2013
A long time acquaintances Vin Nitito and buddy Jim Becker from Tucson fished with me at Lees Ferry today. Vin and I were members of the Tucson chapter of Trout Unlimited and the 3 of fished together back in 06. It was good to catch up and stick some rainbows together. We fished 3 spots and did very, very well at 2 of them. The lower Saturday flows were just right and Vin and Jim couldn’t keep the fish off their midge patterns fished below a dry fly. After lunch we fished around some accessible spawning fish and both did very well with midges and egg patterns. Big numbers and many fish in the 16 inch range. Both Jim and Vin are advanced anglers and the day couldn’t have gone better.
Lake Powell Report
Guide Trip
April 10th, 2013
water temp 51-57
lake elevation 3598
Another successful striper outing With the Abbot family. Tom Sr. and Jr. and their wives Alice and Mary Kay fished Wednesday after a strong cold front blew out Monday and Tuesday. The weather was chilly, starting out at 40 degrees at the start of the day. This storm cooled off the surface temp 6 degrees from the Saturday before. The stripers were a little less aggressive but we still caught a good batch of line sides. The biggest fish of the day went 4.5 pounds.
Lake Powell Report
Guide Trip
April 6th, 2013
water temp 57-60
lake elevation 3598
The stripers are hungry!! The Lafferty family from Lakeside, AZ fished with me for a second time. With fresh reports of stripers taking anchovies along the main channel walls we headed out with high hopes of big numbers. I’m happy to say we were not disappointed. Within minutes of dropping the first chunk of anchovy on a 1/4 oz jig head, it was on and it was still going when we got off the water at 4PM. Many fish were 4 pounds and all were good fighters. At one point, we were fishing over a 20 deep shelf and we could see dozens of stripers silhouetted against the bottom. Many of these fish took the bait up shallow by the edge of the rock face. What a day, 130+ fish and smiling faces all around.


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