Lake Powell Report
Guide Trip
March 9th, 2013
water temp 50-54
lake elevation 3600
Nice stable weather prior to today’s guide trip on Lake Powell with Evan, TJ and Bob from UT. We fished for smallmouth for the first half of the day. Smoke color Yamamoto Hula grubs and chartreuse single tails were the best choice. Several smallies and 2 walleyes and 1 striper came to hand on the plastics. We trolled the back of Navajo at lunch time with limited success but we did have a few stripers take deep divers while trolling. We went back to bass fishing to end the day with decent luck again on Hula Grubs and single tails around broken rock.
Lake Powell Report
Guide Trip
Sept. 9, 2012
A very nice Israeli couple, Elihay and Lilah called last minute for a trip. I was happy to show them our beautiful lake. Lilah had never fished before and naturally, she was the first one hooked up to a hard pulling 3 pound striper. I have been on a school of stripers close to Page and they were right where I left them after the last trip. Elihay was and experienced angler and was used to the jigging spoon method we used on the 50′ deep fish. We managed to stay on these fish for over 2 hours and the couple had a great time. When the stripers disappeared as they sometimes do, We went smallmouth fishing with 5″ Yamamoto grubs with success and finished up the day with a active school of smallies from a small island.
Lake Powell Report
Guide Trips
June-July, 2012
Lake Powell has a been a bit of a fickle creature recently. Some very good days mixed with some ok days. The stripers are boiling on most days especially very early in the morning. Recent monsoon rains are helping out greatly with cloudy skies in the mornings. This prolongs the boils greatly. On sunny days, the boils are mostly done except in shady areas along high cliffs by 7am. The trolling for walleye remains fairly good with mid-depth crankbaits. Smallmouth are often caught with the walleye off the flooded tree tops. Jig fishing is always a consistient way to put fish in the boat this time of year. Single tail Yamamoto grubs are a favorite. Broken rock, especially with scattered bursh is a good place to find smallmouth and the occasional walleye. The trusty dropshot rig is a go-to method to provide good action from smallmouth.

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