Lake Powell Report
Guide Trip
April 14th, 2013
water temp 54-59
lake elevation 3597
The Gross family, brothers Josh, Luke, Matt and Dad Mike spanked the stripers in the buoy 3 area for 2 hours before we left the main channel waves behind and ran up into Navajo Canyon. We fished for bass and walleye briefly before returning to striper fishing. A little chum and it was on again. During our “working” lunch, Josh made a cast, put the rod in the holder at the rear corner of the boat, picked up his sandwich and within a few seconds was rudely interrupted by the drag singing. A few minutes later I slipped the lip gripper into the mouth and hefted the 7.5 pounder aboard. The Navajo stripers were in good condition overall and a little stronger than the channel fish. Great time and great company.
Lake Powell Report
Guide Trip
March 9th, 2013
water temp 50-54
lake elevation 3600
Nice stable weather prior to today’s guide trip on Lake Powell with Evan, TJ and Bob from UT. We fished for smallmouth for the first half of the day. Smoke color Yamamoto Hula grubs and chartreuse single tails were the best choice. Several smallies and 2 walleyes and 1 striper came to hand on the plastics. We trolled the back of Navajo at lunch time with limited success but we did have a few stripers take deep divers while trolling. We went back to bass fishing to end the day with decent luck again on Hula Grubs and single tails around broken rock.
Lake Powell Report
Guide Trip
Oct. 21st, 2012
JD his Dad John, friend Dave and JD’s 10 year old son Seth came out with me today on the Big Pond. Once again, the stripers were the target and they were in the mood to eat when we found just the right spot to drop spoons to them. John had the first fish of the day, a small walleye. Then Seth hooked up to something that almost took him overboard, at least that what he’ll tell you. Seth’s striper tipped the scales at 4.25 pounds and was a great fighter. Jd and Dave and John got into the act and they had multiple double and triple hook ups. We ended the day bass fishing around the Cottonwood cove area and had some topwater action. 2 big stripers took topwaters but both came unbuttoned. Back at the cleaning station, we filleted a cooler full of fish and relived the great day.
Lake Powell Report
April -May, 2012
Bass fishing was as good as it gets here on the Big Pond. A dry winter in the Colorado, Green and San Juan drainages led to very stable lake levels in Powell in 2012. This provided excellent angling for smallmouth, largemouth, walleye and crappie. Sight fishing for bass on spawning beds was outstanding since the lake level didn’t really move. Normally, the spawn happens right when the lake level is rising rapidly and the fish are not visible on their beds for more than a couple weeks. A welcome addition to this year’s boated fish are a drastic increase in the catch rate of walleye. These tasty fish are showing up while fishing for smallmouth on rocky structure and trolling for stripers over submerged brush, or targeting them with walleye specific methods like bottom bouncers.
Early in the spring the stripers were found in the submerged brush by trolling or casting shallow running plugs. As the water warmed and their spawn approached, they quit feeding in the day and seemed to be on a night bite. Around the second week of May, they went back on a daytime pattern and could be caught trolling over brush. As of  5/19 there were several “slurps” reported. Slurps are  small pods of stripers, often yearlings, sipping newly hatched shad off or near the surface. These slurps should turn into full fledged violent boils of adult and juvenile fish within 3 weeks or so.

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