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Lake Powell Report
Guide Trip
Sept. 23 & 24, 2012
Another spoon fest. 2 days with the Keller brothers from the LA area fishing 2 “split” days, 4 hours in the morning and another 4 in the evening. Sunday morning, we did very well on small stripers in Gunsight with spoons and a good number on topwater poppers. The bigger fish from a week prior just didn’t eat that day. In the evening, we headed to Warm Creek and it was on for the bigger fish. We drifted north with the wind and stayed on the fish for about a mile. Again spoons were the hot ticket and just before darkness fell a massive boil blew up very near where were fishing. Many of these fish were 3-4 pounders. Excellent end to day 1. Day 2 and we headed straight to Warm Creek again. This time the fish were fussy and we didn’t get many into the boat. After a while, we turned to fishing for small and largemouth with topwaters and caught a few from the flooded brush. The evening session was very productive again. Despite windy conditions, we spooned up many fish from yearling to 4 pounders. I love my job!
Lake Powell Report
Guide Trip
September 17, 2012
Excellent spoon bite. I guided my former dentist and his wife/ dental partner from Tucson plus 4 others on 9/17 off their houseboat parked in Gunsight. We found the first school 200 yards from the house boat and stayed on it for over 2 hours. They kept me busy with 5 at a time hooked up. No room in the fish cooler after about an hour.  Most of the fish in this pack were of the 1-2 year old size with several 3 pounders to keep everyone happy. This was one of the biggest striper schools I have ever been in. Then that school suddenly disapperaed. We graphed for a while to find them but they must have went the opposite way we were looking. We soon found a different school about a mile away and it was on again, this time there were many fish over 3 pounds and we released most of them because of lack of space. After an excellent meatball sandwich lunch and over an hour filleting fish, we cruised over to the west side of the pass in directly in front of Gunsight point and graphed until we found a smaller school in 50 feet and spooned some more yearlings. Another awesome day on the lake
Lake Powell Report
Guide Trip
Sept. 9, 2012
A very nice Israeli couple, Elihay and Lilah called last minute for a trip. I was happy to show them our beautiful lake. Lilah had never fished before and naturally, she was the first one hooked up to a hard pulling 3 pound striper. I have been on a school of stripers close to Page and they were right where I left them after the last trip. Elihay was and experienced angler and was used to the jigging spoon method we used on the 50′ deep fish. We managed to stay on these fish for over 2 hours and the couple had a great time. When the stripers disappeared as they sometimes do, We went smallmouth fishing with 5″ Yamamoto grubs with success and finished up the day with a active school of smallies from a small island.
Lees Ferry Report
Personal Trip
Labor Day, 2012
Lees Ferry was on fire today! I didn’t even fish above 3.5 miles above the dock. Steady 8000 CFS and wading all over 3 mile was great with dry/ tungsten beaded dropper on the Sage 4 weight. Spin fished on the drift from 3.5 mile to 2.5 west bank with 3″ salt-free Yamamoto green pumpkin grub on a 1/8 jig head. The rainbows chomped it just like they  a week ago when we were filming with Jarrett Edwards and Roland Martin. Quality fish were eating the grub too. I landed at least 10 fish 14-16 inches in that 1 mile of drift. The light was just right and I saw most of the fish eat the grub. I parked the boat at 2.5 mile and saw a ton of fish in a foot or less and they were rising to midges. Time for the Sage 1 weight SPL . After trying several midge dries, I found they would take a Griffth’s Gnat on 7X. All of these fish were 10″ or smaller. I could see bigger fish but they were too wise for the gnat. I then switched to the trusty dry/ dropper rig and that was the ticket. I tried several of my custom versions of Zebra Midges in size 18. Fish were eating the dropper on nearly every drift. All of these fish were on the 1 weight and were great fighters. Most were 10-13 inches but I wanted some bigger fish. I rigged up a 6 weight Sage rod with a 5 foot sink tip and a black bugger. I stuck a chubby 15 incher on the first swing and proceeded to get bit at least every 3 casts. I worked the bar from top to bottom and landed at least 15 fish on the bugger. Most were bigger than the 1 weight fish. 3 were 15-16 inches. I switched back to the 4 weight, this time with a tungsten beaded brown San Juan Worm as the dropper. The bigger fish really liked the worm and I finished the day with several fish 14-16 inches. The last fish of the day was the prettiest by far. I saw him holding in a small depression just below a rock in the lower part of the flat. I could see the red side and gill plates and he was obviously bigger than the 2 other fish holding in the same depression. After about 10 casts and landing one of the other neighboring fish, I saw him turn and the dry fly took a dive indicating he had the worm. After a few minutes of good battle, I slid him up up on a flat boulder just under water and took his portrait. I can’t tell if he was smiling, but I sure was.

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